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A family visit to London Zoo 7th April 2024 it was very crowded with less photo opportunities than before.

Map of the walk,

Camden Town Tube Station closed when we returned

Hare Krishna office

Regents Canal



Gecko Model

Gidgee spiny-tailed skink


Kaiser's spotted newt

Blue Poison Dart Frogs

Giant Salamander

Mossy Frog (disguised)


Crocodile lizard

Underwater Crocodile


Family Record shot

A Heron visiting the penguins

Underwater Penguin

Galapagos Giant Tortoise

From another island?


Tiger Longwing

Julia Longwing

Two Couples Mating

Owl butterfly

Tarracina Longwing


Squirrel Monkey

Lions not available

Langur Monkey and its....

.....daily ration


Victoria crowned pigeon

Animated Bird Clock

Jungle Floor

White Rumped Shama




Egyptian Goslings lead the rush

Dwarf Mongoose

Sloth and Tamarin

Mother and child, Lowland Gorilla

Bactrian camel


Sumatran Tiger through glass

Lunch Hut

Komodo Dragon

Mosaic at the Zoo entrance


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