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Thursday 23th Mar 2017 a family visit to Luton's Stockwood Discovery Centre on a sunny, cold day

Map of the Centre

Water Pump in the Visitors Center

The last Vauxhall made in Luton a 1950s Wyvern

Passengers must get wet

Brougham in the Mossman Collection which was widely used in films

Wild West Stage Coach

Field Kitchen 1918

Coin Spiral Reflections. A coin took time to roll spirally down

Bedford Dustbin Lorry

Repainted in Luton in the South Asian style, hence "Trash to Treasure"

Side panels

Traditional Gypsy Caravan

Caravan inside, through glass

A Fan Worm in the "2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards Exhibition"

The lawn

Royal Mail Coach



Grey Squirrel

Play Area

Sculpture? in the Ian Hamilton Finlay Improvement Garden


Sculpture again? You had to decide which were the six sculptures

A Detail


The Centre is on the approach to Luton Airport

Low Flying Caravel

Bee Cartoon in Bee Gallery

Matthew astounds a squirrel with a peanut in its shell in the Concert Area

Air pump in the Stationary Engines

Greek urn (How much?)

Pan lurking in the bushes

A faun

Post haste


Garden Cafe for a warming Coffee