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Friday 16th June 2017, a Gang of Four walk to KIlburn and Kensal Green

My geotag log

Ticket Machines

West Hampstead Tube station




The map of the walk enlarges

Billy's picture has been defaced 

A wall

A long wait until 2018


Dinosaur Nest

Window Box

Conversation Piece

Exercise in Kilburn Grange Park

The Fair preparing to open

Clock an hour fast, Kilburn Grange Park

A warehouse ready for conversion to flats

The Tricycle Theatre reflected in the window of the Black Lion pub, Grade 2 listed, on Kilburn High Road

Where the Ancient Order of Foresters had its HQ plus a twisty pipe, right, for ....?

The Gaumont State, copying the Empire State New York

Rose's Irish Cafe green walls and harps, with Polish staff, for our coffee break

The Irish Celebrate (Wall picture)

The Russians Celebrate

A safe parking spot perhaps?


The Coopers' Arms, a typical Irish Pub

Wigs galore

It  was the Kilburn Grange Cinema

Pound a bowl?

Speak up

Hijab Room

A Modern School

The Modern School, rear

Priory Mansions


Towards Willesden Lane

We are working only down there

Cool trousers

Ready to deliver

He wanted to pose


Memorial board


Red Bow

The doll

A modern Tesco in Willesden Lane  built in Art Deco style

The right half of the building was Victorian and all is now now flats, 400K each

Victorian refurbished house Willesden Lane with....

...a war lord (or landlord) decoration

and an Oooh!


Some dogs seek a drink of water from the gardener by the War Graves, Paddington Old Cemetery

A family grave, the War Graves are in the distance

A monk perhaps?

On no!

To       ilets

So tired


Young girl

A Dog Walker

A funeral with the excavator parked near bye

Workmen filling in the Grave

The Anglican Chapel in the centre of Paddington Old Cemetery

A stretched funeral limo

The Modern Cemetery is beyond

A personal clamp (Car thieves about?)

Pub Advert

"I'm at the Mosque"

An Islamic Centre that was the Brondesbury Synagogue. The towers echo the Torah Scrolls

A neighbour with tales to tell

Oh yes!

"Taste of Chamberlayne" Chamberlayne Road for our sandwich lunch,

Inside the tiny cafe

Citroen Flower Van on the opposite side of Chamberlayne Road

Local Irish gnome

Ford Mustang

A toddler escaping in Queens Park

The listed Bandstand, Queens Park


Hats should be worn

Got it!

Derby and Joan eat lunch

A yucca flowering

A Globe Thistle

Exclusive headlamp

The Mews Coachworks

Brand new houses

The Gang, Kensal Green Cemetery


Religious statue?

Tomb with feet


Fresh artificial flowers

The Dissenters Chapel

Michael enters




Waiting for me


Rolls Royce Lady or a fairy?



"I will arise", is this a threat?

A modern memorial to....

........an eleven year old football fan. Medi Oliver Mehra

Helen and Steve discuss it

A Monkey on the tomb top

A new Church

I was too slow to snap his proud pose

Michael snaps me in reflection

The shoes glowed bright orange

Shipping Containers reused

Up to  the "Orange Line"

Kensal Rise Overground Station

London Home