Tuesday 5th July an Old Flames v


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A Gardeners Forum visit to Hillier's Arboretum and Hardy's Garden Plants 21st June 2017 on the hottest June day since 1976

Salmon Leaping

"Giant Pine Cone" by Tom Hare

"Fish Leaping" by Emily Stone

"The Girls" by Tony Smither. Using the camera view finder means my nose can touch the rear touch screen which then alters the focal point, hence lack of focus.


Colourful borders

"Sitting Vixen" by Tony Smither

"Lovebat" by Michael Kusz

Eucalyptus tree

"Barn Owl" by Paul Harvey

"Ikebana 20" by Ian Marlow

Early Purple Orchids

"Doug, a rook on a fork" by Michael Kusz

Stags rutting

"Pheasant" by Emily Stone

Pond side shelter

Duck House

Locked Horns

Dragonfly pond

"Wowoo" by Stan Jankowski

In the Himalayan Valley

Himalayan Valley

Some Himalayan plants

School kids in a Bamboo thicket


Jermyn's House

"The eye can tell" balanced stones by Adrian Gray

"Heron Landing" by Sophie Louise White

Satellite picture

Bottlebrush Plant

"Hare" by Ian Marlowe

Magnolia Avenue

It was really hot

"From sea to shore" by Lynn Warren

"Heron" by Paul Harvey

Dragonfly lands

Romneya coulteri

To a bridge

"A face in the crowd" by Adam Aarondson

Rope Bridge

A pond

Harold Hillier

'Dragonfly' by Ian Marlowe

A shelter

An enlargement

"Arabian Mare and Foal" By Jane Foddy

"Red Deer Stag" by Jane Foddy

Tea in the Potting Barn of Hary's Garden Plants half an hour away.

Jude's Ice-cream came later

Rosy Hardy, the owner, our host

Tropical hot Polytunnel

A talk In the shade plants area

The Potting machine demonstrated

Golden Double Coreopsis

A wild dry garden