Oct 26th 2016 a Gang of  Four vi


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A family visit 14-18th November 2016. Generally dank weather with periods of sunshine, it was cold at the end

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Our Drive down to Wolverton Gatehouse via Shaftesbury

Map of my Geotags taken on my new Nikon compact

Shaftesbury's main Square

Which way to go?

A reminder of Gold Hill's moment of glory in the Hovis Advert

St Peter's Church

Shaftesbury Town Hall


King Alfred's Kitchen

Helen on Gold Hill

The Mitre, for our lunch

The start of Gold Hill

Illustrated bench

Looking back up Gold Hill

Gold Hill, with a misty background

Gold Hill Museum

Shaftesbury Monastery wall

The Monastery door

The Grosvenor Hotel, the family once owned Shaftesbury

Teddy bear Corner

"Over the top" shop

The Ship Inn

A Polish Shop

A Your door number?

Mr Punch's Market

Wolverton Gatehouse where we stayed

Looking through the arch

The main House entrance a "Stately home" closed in November

Osmington and Osmington Mill

Our Sitting room

Our bedroom

Our bathroom

Wolverton House

Too much contrast in this photo!

Morning sunshine

The spiral staircase


Osmington 2

Osmington 3

An Ammonite on a house

The Beehive cottage

A straw bee on the roof

Another view

Panorama from the top of a very steep slippery walk. A stick helped the walk down!

George III portrayed in a chalk memorial

A wind vain

Bakehouse conversion


Weymouth across the bay

A Kestrel hovers


Towards Portland Harbour

  Minesweeper M3, much enlarged, offshore

Osmington Mill coastline

The Smugglers Inn

Portland Bill on the Horizon

The Wolverton Gatehouse location

Weymouth and Chesil Beach

Weymouth Car Park Street Art

Carved supporters

The Golden Lion

The Harbour

A Trawler

The Quay opposite

The Old Fish Market

Central Street

Mums on the beach

A Promenade Shelter

Dog Bar

The "Duke of Cornwall" has seen better days

A tatty crow

Weymouth Beach

The flags were out

A Blue Glove

"The Ship", our lunch stop where I had crab, which may have had dangerous results

Clean Glasses

Narrow houses

Georgian houses

Sun balcony

Poorer houses

The bridge on to Chesil Beach

Carved wooden Cormorant

Shingle on the beach

An Evening stroll

Sky scape

A Fisherman

The Chesil Beach Visitor Centre

A Boat?

Mud flats

Towards Weymouth


Main street Abbotsbury

Barn Conversion we parked outside

Illchester Arms pub in the centre

Inside for lunch

Jester decor

Waiter sign

Three rods


Looking West

Weymouth Area

Portland Bill

Towards the Bay and Portland Harbour

Cliffs at Portland Bill

A Crow

The main Lighthouse

Pulpit Rock

A Cuddle

Quarry remains?

Trinity House Marker

Smoke rings cloud?


A redundant Lighthouse

A Boat Launching crane

Trippers go off home

Rufus Castle above Church Ope Cove

Rufus Castle gate

Church Ope Cove

A Pavement with fossils

Easton village

Church Ope Cove Boulders

Portland Museum, shut

A Cleft in the rock below Rufus Castle

Houses Easton

Cyclists stopped by flood on old railway track

In the Evening

Cern Abbas


A Drinking trough

Wolverton Stables

A Machine

A Chimney early morning

The Smith's Arms, Godmanstone

The "Smallest pub in England" (closed)

The Mill, Godmanstone

Holy Trinity Norman Church. Godmanstone

The Original door

West Window

The "Giant" Cerne Abbas

Workmen run for cover from photos

Local Vernacular buildings Cerne Abbas

"The Giant", every other building had been a pub

The New Inn

The Old Gaol cottage

A Tudor building

The river acts a moat

Dorset Beauty House

Complex pipes

Cerne Abbas Main Street

New Inn Yard

The Sun Insurance Fire Mark

St Mary the Virgin

An Oriel Window

Abbey Street houses built 1500

The Abbey

Autumn colour

Abbey Houses

Their Barn

The Abbots Gatehouse, the wall around the Abbey has gone

Abbey Farm

The Duck Pond

Abbey Street corner


Matthew at leisure

The Hardy Memorial and Abbotsbury Sub tropical Garden


"Kiss me Hardy"

Black Down

The road ahead


Looking East

Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Garden

Wet Cafe Table

St Catherine's Chapel glimpsed

Tree ferns

St Catherine's Chapel

Malaysian Rope Bridge

Eastern Garden house

The "Colonial Restaurant"



Cafe Lights



Map of Dorchester

The author Hardy's statue

We followed the "Walks" (see left), which follow the old city walls, towards the Roman Town House, above

Mosaic Floor

Heating System

Judge Jeffereys Lodgings

Church, High Street West

William Barnes, dialect poet

Dorset County Museum

The Royal Oak

The Antelope (Redeveloped) The Information office was at the far end of the alley

House of the Mayor of Casterbridge

Tutankhamun Exhibition

An ornate Barbers' sign

Start of Antelope passage

The Oak Room where Judge Jeffereys held his trials and we had coffee, not at the same time

His portrait from the far wall

Models outside the Dinosaur Museum

Mary Anning pioneer fossil hunter

Richard Owen, pioneer in Palaeontology

Mastodon Skull

Dorset Martyrs by Elizabeth Frick

Car parks in Dorchester

An original Victorian design Post Box

Shopping Arcade

In the Potters Cafe, Durngate Stree,t for our lunch where I was taken ill

Sherborne and then Home


Matthew leads on

An old Inn redeveloped

The monthly Farmers Market


"Dorset Shell Fish"


To Sherborne Museum entrance beneath the arch, previously used for hanging criminals

Gerald Pitman, a founder of the Museum

A grumpy Carpenter


Picture of the siege of Sherborne Castle

Sherborne Abbey in the rain

Famous Fan Vaulting

Now raining hard!

Helen's Geotags