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Wednesday 22nd Feb 2017, an Old Flames visit to the Foundlings Hospital

Our route and geotag log

Russian Buskers at Farringdon

The building's design drawing made into Ceramic model

A typical alley

I just missed the really big bite

My Lane

A "Rookery" was a slum in Victorian times. This building is now a boutique hotel

"24hr Off licence"

Who ate all the pies? I don't know how he got into the shot! Cropping required

Two models phone boxes

Smithfield wholesale meat market

Old ironwork

English Dragon on the gateway

Police Horses

Preserved shop in Cloth Fair

St Bartholomew the Great's entrance

St Bartholomew the Great

Cloth Fair

Sweet jars

Another passage beside the Rising Sun

A door for short people

Old Red Cow

Thrown together

Founders Hall coat of arms in Code Stone (Iron Founders)

Towards St Bartholomew the Great church

Italian Coffee shop in Long Lane

Narrow Street

Long view of Charterhouse Museum

Model of the original Monastery which became private house, school, almshouse now a museum

Steve and Helen

The cloisters

The Chapel with peaceful chanting playing

Window over the altar


Thomas Sutton Monument  showing the Poor Brothers in Church etc

A Modern religious painting

Tree of Life?

A wooden crucifixion

The buyer after the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII and the Cistercians were thrown out

Bas relief of Mary, Martha etc

One of the Friars I guess

Votive lights


An Old English bible before Tyndale.

Central Quad

Looking out to the Chapel

Still finishing the Museum entrance

The Gatehouse

Queen Anne house

Narrow alley

Museum of the Order of St John, St Johns Lane

The front

Side door

Street Art

Jerusalem Tavern 1720 (restored)


On Clerkenwell Green

"Grub on the Green"

The Horseshoe

Peabody Estate

Change of level

MacDonalds House?

"The Bowler" pub for lunch

Diners in reflection

The Dining area, usually for viewing Sport. We might have had a better choice of food at the "Betsey Trotwood" but it was not open yet

A thin "Department store"

The Apple Tree ,Mount Pleasant

Doughty Mews

Listed Cranes?

From Hell? A vintage Buick

See the next photo

Thomas Coram at the Foundling Museum

Waiting in the cafe with a wall dedicated to all the world's famous orphans

Staircase from the origin hospital with the sound of a Blackbird singing

Hogarth's oil painting of Guards after Culloden given to London's first Public Art gallery here


Automaton which cost 20p to activate

Apprentice Guide listening in

Well dressed poor

Sea Battle

Corals Hospital uniform


The Picture Gallery moved from the original building

Images of Handel from the Gerald Coke Handel Collection

A stern face

Jolly Thomas Coram the force behind the foundation

Orphans with attitude from the "Fair Play" exhibition

The old Foundlings Hospital shown on a Chinese bowl

Old view of Charterhouse

The Court Room moved from the original building. Our guide beside the grate.

Fireplace with built in picture frame

A corner of the Court Room

Old Bethlem Hospital

Leaving her baby with the nuns


Steve listening to our guide

Hogarth's "Gin Lane". The engraving made him the money

Volcanic Intrusion? Judd Street Open Space

Italian Coffee Shop Long lane

Iris Reticulata Bruswick Square Gardens

Smithfield Ironwork

The Horseshoe again

Another alley


St Pancras

On the train home

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