Tuesday 5th July an Old Flames v

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Tuesday 5th July 2016 an Old Flames visit to the LT Acton Museum

We took the Piccadilly Line to Acton Town and then a short walk to the Museum

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It was a big shed full of London Transport memorabilia showing their strong Brand Image in vehicle livery, signs, buildings, posters, maps etc and also their world leading technical innovations.

A Cigarette Kiosk and..

...looking in


Light Number signals

Electro Mechanical controls

Signal Relays

 Central Information Display Controllers

Central Control Screens

A Decorative Arch

The Spiral Moving Walkway, which was not a success

A solid traction motor

An Original Tube Carriage doors

An Escalator Gear Wheel

High Voltage switches that were inclined to arc

Floral Underground signs

Variable Resistance

Cast Iron "Tube" tunnel sections

An original wooden escalator

A Lift cable drum

Signal Feeders

House style poster

Remote Controls


House Style Signs


A train being restored

Inside the train

An old door catch

A door latch

But they did not get the Eurostar franchise!


Milk Van with a water reserve for the steam locomotive

A Lurking Pony

Welcome aboard!.....

.....First Class

Company Logo

The Centenary train

Inside an obsolete Tube Train

Green Line bus (prototype AEC Routemaster)


General K Type Motor Bus

External stairs

External stairs

Drivers seat, limited braking, no synchromesh, horn.

Ready for war 1914

A "Feltham" Tram

Inside the tram

The Drivers position

An Indian

An early A1 Trolley Bus

Rear-engined Routemaster

Older single deck buses

Steve and an early black cab

321 to St Albans


A Horse Omnibus

An early Trafficator

L G O C Bus

Driver's cab

London General Omnibus Company logo

A Lift Platform

Petrol Electric bus being restored

Volunteer Electrician

A gigantic Low Loader and its...

.....Tractor come to collect a bus.

The bar of the "Red Lion and Pineapple", a Wetherspoon's pub where we lunched.

 We walked to South Acton after lunch using an app of Steve's. See map

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