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A Gang of Four walk from the Angel to Moorgate, along the City Road, the route of the lost river Walbrook, 22nd January 2019

Red marks our route

Refurbished Wetherspoons at Angel Islington

Top balcony

Thomas Paine Memorial

Funeral car?

Tailor at work

Red Trilby

Sadlers' Wells Theatre

Winter trees shadows

Lilian Baylis Cafe

Lilian Baylis

Electric Bikes

Victorian Social Housing

Brewers Guild? in Rawstone Street

Smokers' Table

Miniature Sewing machine

Berni's Rawstone Street

Georgian Houses

Peregrine (Council) House, Hall Street

Canaletto Tower, City Road

To Let

Alley beside City Road Basin

Spiral Light

Fable Apartments

Glass bars


Islington Canoe Club

Buckle up

Oldest Member

Choose a colour

Frog Kiosk


Street Art

She's gone

Old Features remain

Hanover School mosaic

Frustrated Art Lover


Wenlock Basin


The Narrow Boat on Regents Canal

Mark Anthony Couture

Sign for sale

Buxton Court?

Not happy waiting

"Up and Down the City Road", The Eagle Pub

The Eagle

Painted Curtains on Shepherdess Walk

Pure Evil?

Moorfield's (e)Ye Hospital on City Road

British Empire Pipe Co

The Atlas Building


Code Stone decoration on a Victorian Mission

Old Street Roundabout

"Loves Company"

"Albion's ancient rocky shore"?

The Prince???


Complex wall

Another reflection

Wesley's Chapel, we had no time to look at the exhibition

A distinctive facade

"The Globe" Moorgate, for lunch.

View in the mirror

The bar and our charming waitress

Unfortunately, blinded by low light, both Helen and Michael tripped on the kerb and fell over outside

Odd reflections

London Metropolitan University. Was the HQ of Cable and Wireless Ltd but was heavily bombed. We missed the stained glass over the door.


Metro Bank HQ

Barbican Gates


Solid build


2 London Wall Place

St Alphage Highwalk

Highwalk and ruined church


St Alphage Highwalk again

All land used!

The Gang


Green Glass


Typical Scene

Against having any police at all

Policewomen 1930

Suffragette Bombs

Helen and small hat

Weapon used by Latvian/ Russian burglars killing 5 police and leading later on to the Siege of Sidney Street

Guildhall Yard

Solid Tower


Embracing lovers

Door Handles

Guildhall Great  Hall


William Beckford

Winston Churchill

  Gog Magog

A Tour Group

Standards of Length

Roman Bath Duck


Silver runner

Guildhall Buildings





St Rodent

The Gents Loo Guildhall Art Gallery

The Buried Amphitheatre


St Lawrence Jewry

St Lawrence Jewry organ end

Prudent Passage

Location log

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