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A Gang of Four walk from Barbican to London Bridge via Museum of London and Tower Bridge 23rd Dec 2019 on a cold and sunny day.

My Location Log of the walk

By the Barbican

Follow Dick Whittington

Steve on Target

Rough Sleeper

Museum of London

"Union, Horse and two Discs"

The Beasts of London?

An Auroch's Scull

Shepperton Woman c3600BC

Elephant's foot bones

Ancient doll

Viking Armour

Pretty boy

Roman statue

Londinium was primarily a port


The Warf

The later Forum.

Donkey Grain Mill

Roman Wall outside the window

Gold Coins of Antonius Pius

Roman Sitting Room

A Saxon House

Old St Pauls was burnt down

Crest of the Hanseatic League

Carved Trunk

Gold Brandy Wagon

Shakespeare's Theatre

Too close and wooden thus a fire hazard

The Great Fire

The Catholics were to blame!

Gerard the Giant

Pleasure Gardens Vauxhall

A very low cut dress

Street Organ "Hurdy Girdy"

A Barbers shop


Pawned goods for sale



An Alley

Cafe de Paris

Art Deco Door

Art deco walls

The first "Unic" Petrol Driven Taxicab 1908

Small Crowns

The Cholera Pump?


"Unity" Dancers

Buried Ship?


Tower of the church of St Alban

Wood Lane Police Station

Street Scene

A bulge

A Retained Facade

For the Record

No 1 Poultry, Post Modernist


Details of the Frieze

St Mary Le Bow


Interior atrium 1 Poultry

Royal Exchange

Obsequious wise men

Brass Chandelier, with our gang

Vanes shade windows

Mithraeum Art Gallery in the Bloomberg building

Cannon Street Station

"The Ship" for Lunch, a Nicholson's pub


Office Workers' lunch

The Shard

Conversation piece


A reflection not a mural

Nippon Tourists

Line Walkway?

"First Steps" in All Hallows by the Tower, the oldest city church

Roman grave stone, Greek Letters

The Crypt

Crypt Chapel

Saxon Masonry

Snug chapel

A Hunting scene

It was very much a port Church

Memorial to a Skinner and a sea Captain

Aladdin's Lamp with the arms of the 40 thieves

A banker

Drone view of the Tower of London

Tower Gateway

Tower Bridge which we visited

The Tow path

City Hall

The City from Tower Bridge

South Bank of the Thames

HMS Belfast

The glass floor of the high walkway

Tourist snap

North Bank

Workmen portrayed

Evening light

West walkway with Mirrored ceiling 

Hang on

Walk down

Manchester steam Boiler


Shaft for the hydraulic pump which lifts the bascules

More machinery

Pressure Vent

The Pistons use water not "hydraulic fluid"





Elephant Sculpture

Map of the walk

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