Sizewell BHOME   

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A HELC trip to Sizewell B Pressurised Water Nuclear Power Station on 24th July 2018.

Satellite view

View of the containment dome from the coach which took from  06.45 until 11.00 to get there

The well equipped visitors Centre with lots of interaction for the kids

Sizewell A next door, "cooling down" for 60 years

The Turbine Hall (EDF picture) We could not take photos inside

The Separator (Local paper) The guides covered everything very well

Then to Aldeburgh for a late lunch

The "Lighthouse" for an excellent lunch

The Cross Keys on our 15minute visit to the beach

a detail

The old Lifeboat station plus Helen and a new friend

For launching and de-launching the boats

Far and near

The new Lifeboat Station and RNLI gift shop, note the cables. We had no time to take more pictures

For boat trips?

Smart Hats

Aldeburgh High Street

The Chairman hurries back

A Fishing boat

The road narrowed before our coach parked there and then later it took a quicker route home