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A visit by The Gang of Four to Rochester on  23rd Nov 2018. It is a quiet Georgian town with a Medieval Castle and Cathedral served by the HS1 railway line. We picked a chilly grey day!

The Map of our walk

The Huguenot Museum opposite the station for coffee etc

Paper Angel?

More Paper patterns part of the "Anatomica" exhibition

A detail

Paper Shoes

Cloudy Ceiling

Mr Pickwick explains

The car should be pink!

Flemish style, the "Deaf Cat"

Black Boy Alley

Huge gems galore


Kiss Kiss Heart

Coffee foe two

The High Street

The Chertsey's Gate next to Smoke and Liquor in "Mr Tope's" house

Kings Head Hotel

Just Legs

Famous Great White Clock of Dickens "Winglebury Arms"

The Jolly Knight

Weatherboard and Jetting

Over the Castle moat


Side Gate

South Gate


A bit of a bulge


Satis House

The explanation


The 1215 Siege

Down to the Castle Cess Pit...

..but not right down




Looking in

Spiral steps

Russian F Class Submarine U-475 moored on the Medway

Along the top of the battlements

The Medway Bridge

An Edwardian Terrace

The Cathedral

West Front

Main door

The Nave

An old hand pumped organ

Rood Screen

The Choir

At rest

The Library

The Crypt Cafe

South Door

Towards College Gate

Archway House

Indian Bean Tree (from America)

Ye Arrow

Pancake Parlour

"Smoke and Liquor"


A door and range, did someone live in this archway?

Rochester Coffee Co

The "Six poor travellers" charity founded by Richard Watts

Enamel Signs

The Huguenot Museum has the tower

A Christmas burglar

The Eagle Tavern

Elizabethan Eastgate House

The Golden Lion for Lunch

Restored or replica Elizabethan?

Charles Dickens, a local hero

"Cumin Club"  in Berkeley House

"Zeus" Street Art

 Georgian "The Terrace"

Virginia Creeper

Easter Island Head

Restoration House, the home of  Dickens Miss Haversham

King School CCF "march" through "The Vines"

A carved stump

Towards "Minor Canons Row"

On the "Precinct"

A wooden Gate

Monastery wall

The "Safe Ship Training Group"

Traditional local building method




Dressed for Christmas

44 AB

The Guildhall Museum

In the original colour

Whipping Post

I remember when Short "Sunderlands" were built here and took off from the river

A Baby Dragon suckling

The Earls of Rochester supported both Kings Charles I and II in the Civil wars

A replica Prison Hulk

The Sleeping deck

A prisoner

Prison Artefacts

The Guildhall Assembly room

Types of Rochester boats

Sweeney Todd?

Paper Wedding Dress

Through the Huguenot Museum

Letter Box

The Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel

The Bridge carries road, rail and utilities

Low light by now

A "Javelin" train that helped us save half an hour on the journey