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Tuesday 23rd November 2021 a Gang of Four walk around the Greenwich Peninsular on a cold bright day.

Map of  our walk

London Bridge Station

Re-used old tunnels on our way to the Tube

Can do what?

Cash available

Down to the Jubilee line

Doors open

I see you!

Peninsular Square

The O2 Dome

Covered way to the O2

The NOW Gallery

"Your ship has Landed"

By Lydia Chan

Tree and people?

The Future Peninsular?

A Quay?

In her Space Ship


Design District of Ravensbourn University

The Ravensbourn University Design District with the "Peninsular Spire"

The original university building with Roger Penrose tiles

Walkway "Hundreds and Thousands" by Liz West

Coloured shadow

Coffee Stop

A Serious Point


French Style decor


Under the Walkway

The design of all building is considered in the Design District

Concrete Canyon

Balcony Design?

A Long Bench

North Greenwich Quay

Thousands of empty flats

Anthony Gormley's "Quantum Cloud"

Damien Hirstís "Blue Mermaid"

"Emirate Airway"


O2 Detail

North bank

"Liberty Grip" by Barry Hume

The "Clock" building

Uber Boat

Boat Section "Slice of Reality" by Richard Wilson

Quay Garden

Towards the O2 entrance

Inside the O2

Lunch at the "Observatory"

We were the only people in the pub

Bottles into lights

A good shot?

A range of shops

Austrian Axe Throwing


No Customers

Upper Terrace

O2 is a vast, little used, shopping and entertainment centre

The new Hotel Continental


Sentry Box

The Fleur de Lys


Monument to a dead parrot

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