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12th-19th March 2019.   A trip "Imperial Cities of  Morocco"  arranged by SAGA. There were 29 elderly people on the trip. I have tried to show the people of Morocco and avoid the teeming hoards of tourists. The light was hard with bright contrast except in the dark souks.

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1. Marrakech (The Red City) Tuesday 12th March 04:25 train to Gatwick in cold wet weather 3.25 hour flight to warm, sunny Marrakech

Marrakech Airport Concourse

Marrakech Airport

On the way to the Palm Plaza Hotel

The Palm Plaza Hotel

A traditional Moroccan Dining area in the lobby

My bedroom



My Balcony

Main Lobby


2. Marrakech

Wednesday 13th March    

Passing by

Entrance to the souk


Trading Shop

Ocelot Skins?

Guarding the load

Male First Aid post

The Jewish Quarter

Not a religious Muslim

Location Log of our visit

A Drinking Fountain

Slat Al Azama Synagogue

Jewish Mementoes

Down into the Labyrinthine souks


Argane Spices Shop

Cures for any condition

Map of Marrakech


Bahia Palace, the Concubines each had a room 6ft X 10ft.


Retro Camera

Sore feet


Moulay El yazid Mosque

Saadiens Tombs

Video Show

City Gate

A 2 hour lunch in an empty traditional restaurant

2 Marrakech




False Ray-bans for sale

Cafe balcony from which I took shots

200 odd licensed carriages in the city


Hour of prayer

Friday Prayers at Koutoubia Mosque

Koutoubia Minaret

Smoking is Haram!

Sitting on his sandal

Remains of an earlier mosque

Djemaa el-Fnaa Square


Its mine!

Chasing a photographer for money

Traditional water sellers posing for tips

Cuddle a monkey?

Djemaa el-Fnaa Square

Modern Morrocan

Henna Hand painting

A Singer



3. Marrakech

Thursday 14th March morning Jardin Majorelle and Berber Village  

To Jardin Majorelle

Drivers fooling about

We set off in 3 carriages

Jardin Majorelle




Everyone wants a selfie

The Berber Museum

Mint Tea

Rubbish Recycler

Off they go

3. Agounsane

A Berber village in the afternoon    

Atlas Mountains

The Village Women's Co-operative

Rug for sale

The Women

The Infant school

The Teacher

The girls. They spend the morning with the Imam the afternoon at school

Grandma doesn't want to be snapped

Mud and straw walls, cane, mud and plastic sheet roof

The Potters workshop

Teenage kids

The potterwith foot driven wheel

Prickly pear dying from cochineal beetle

Main street

The cow in the ground floor

Dung heap

To the Potters house

Hall with chickens


Inner Courtyard

The Parlour

Mint Tea Ritual

Sugar chipped from a sugar loaf

Minimum hospitality that everyone provides visitors. Nuts, bread, olive oil and tea (green tea with mint)

Quern to grind corn

Matriarch Fatima

Infants coming home

Village Mosque

4 Rabat (Blue and White Kasbah)

Friday 15th March Kasbah, Chella Roman Ruins and Mausoleum Mohammed V  

Hotel Doorman says farewell

Rabat Railway Station

Kasbah des Oudayas, Rabat

Kasbah des Oudayas

Main gate to the Kasbah

Green outside

Old Fountain


To the harbour

The Harbour used by Corsairs

Outside the Mosque


To the Garden

Andalusian style garden

Hassan Tower?

Water Pump to irrigate the Garden

Mausoleum to Hassan II gate

Dragon Tree

Our radical Guide

Ruins of Chella Roman ruin

Hassan's Tower

Touts at the gate

Mausoleum Mohammed V

Ruins of the previous mosque

Royal Guard

Wealthy Visitors


Not much room for the guard

 Water round the tomb

Off home

5.Rabat to Fes

Saturday 16th March Volubilis Roman Ruins  

Our Guide

Meknes Town Gate

Bab Mansour

Old Jewish Quarter behind the wall


Parc Benhlima

Granary Wall

Guide Escaping

Granary Entrance

The vast Granary, cooled by a Garden on the roof, thick walls and water running within the walls

A Water pump

Grain fed in from the top

Large doors

Royal Stables for 3000 horses

Meknes Gate looking towards the Old Mellah and New Mellah

Now a shop

Ostrich Woman

Monkey for cuddles

Snake Charmer

Horse Rides in Place Ladim, Meknes

Through to the shop

Entrance to the New Mellah

Arabic, Berber and French signs


We did not see anyone wearing one

Snake Charmer

Ready for the butcher


Into the wall

The wool market

Another traditional lunch

Damascene metalwork, Pottery and Embroidery being produced

Roman Empire

Volubilis Roman ruins

The Arch of Caracalla, Volubilis

Mosaic Floor

Pi dog

Comfort break at Lake


Mementoes Stall

Marcelo Fes Hotel

View from my room in Barcelo Fes


Sunday 17th March Medina, Madrassa, Jewish Quarter etc  

Location Log of Fes

Overview from the "Southern Tower"

Pottery Works


Litter picking donkey

Butcher in the Fes ekl Bali

Camels head for lunch

Making Filo Pastry for Samosas

A kaleidoscope

All Mosques are barred to non Muslims


....now a Wood Museum


Carpet and Textile shop

Leather Works

We were given mint to help with the terrible stink

Skins drying


Drying vertically

Self inflating pouffes

Moroccan Porn?

Moroccan Salad before Lamb Shish Kebab for me

A donkey piled high with leather skins rushed past but I was too slow!

King Mohommed V's new palace. Fes el Jedid

Andalusian Jewish Quarter

I think we missed the Synagogues and Jewelry shops as people were tired out

7.Fes/Marrakech Monday 18th March via Casablanca Very long drive

The Journey back

The Avenue Hassan II, Fes

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca. The tallest Minaret on earth

The Promenade, it looked rather tired

Old and new housing, Casablanca

Royalist Cafe for lunch

The Royal Family (propaganda)

The only granite outcrop

A Country Farm

Casablanca Area 

Cork Oaks with sheep grazing underneath

Back to the Palm Plaza


8.Flying Home

Tuesday 19th March Marrakech to Gatwick no delays, food ran out on plane