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Wednesday 5th February  2020 an Old Flames visit to the Kirkaldy Museum and Southwark by the Gang of Four

Map of our Walk

A Rough Sleeper

The Thames Path

North Bank of the Thames

"One Blackfriars"

A Surreal Reflection M

Blue Chain Links by George Rex (in PU skinned foam)

The Door of One Blackfriars Bridges to Waterloo East

The Art Yard


Hopton's Charity overlooked by tall buildings

Coloured stripes

In the Turbine Hall, Tate Modern

Jugs in the Upper Cafe, Tate Modern

Lady Barista

The Millennium Bridge

The Gang's Silhouettes

Blackfriars Station

St Pauls

A River Cruiser

Blanik Building, Tate Modern

Tower Block

Bronze statues

The "Face of Stillness"

Pavement Name of the Kirkaldy Museum

Old Flames waiting to go in to the Kirkaldy Museum

Birds in an Art and Design Shop

Looking Down

Owl and Pussycat fan

Hardness Tester

A closely packed audience

The Office

David Kirkaldy

Hardness Microscope


The Universal Testing Machine, up to 800tons



Fire Resisting Safe

Overhead Crane


A very large Link

Close Inspection

Our Guide

A Heavy Test Piece

Adjusting Wheel

Balance Weight


Torsion Tester

Balanced beam

Tightening Handle

A Newall Measuring Comparator

Compression tester

Calculating Machine

Mobile Tester

The White Hart pub for Lunch

Open Hearth

Michael buys his lunch

Up and over train lines

Grand Vitesse Depot

Roll up cigarette

Street Art

HQ of Transport for London, The Palestra Building

Lord Nelson pub...

....for Burgers

Southwark Tube Station

Balanced view

Space filler or vent?

London College of Creative Media

Tea  Warehouse

Jerwood Photoworks exhibition

Silvia Rossi "As my Mother in school Uniform"

Silvia Rossi, "Self Portrait"

The Shard

 Balconies with glass walls

Pepper Street

All Hallows Church, a cat must live here

Needs work!

All Hallows Garden

Wall Plaque

Car Park

Testing Station


Catholic Church

Gentlemen Baristas

Narrow  Ayres Street

Grand Entrance, Flat Iron Square

R K Burt

Door Knob

Crossbones Graveyard

Eaten away

New Entrance to Crossbones

Street Art 1

Street Art 2

Street Art 3

Pop up Cafe in a Car park

Untidy Yard

The Royal Arms, Newcomen Street

George III

St Christopher's Coaching Inn

Bunch of Grapes

Old Kings Head Yard

Poor thing

Southwark Cathedral

My Location Log, it lost the GPS signal too often

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