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Thursday 31st Oct 2019, a family visit to Heal's Department Store, the Science and Natural History Museums

Heal's Department Store (arrow)

Warren Street Station

Fitzroy Court

All balls

Fitzrovia Bell

Heal's Department Store

Looking down the spiral staircase

A Black Cat on the stairs

Looking up

A White Cat on the stairs


 Designed in 1916 by Cecil Brewer

More furniture


10% Discount


and rugs



Theatrical Print Warehouse


Pollock's Toy Museum

Window display

Toy Theatre

  Scala Street

Tongue and Brisket

The Fitzrovia pub

Googe Street Station


Bridget Riley Exhibition ad


The Ismailia Centre Exhibition Road

The Science Museum to look at only the RPS Scientific Picture Competition results

North America Nebula

A Tadpole

Brain Neurones


Assorted Gall Stones

Richard III's fatal wound

A slice of Rock and Graphite Crystals

Conjoined pig embryo

Confused Flour Beetle

Inside a Spray Head shown by intense light

V&A Exterior

A detail

Improvements to V&A Courtyard



 "Hoop and Toy" pub for lunch, pretty chaotic! I was given the wrong meal.

A Children's Entertainer

The Temporary Ice Rink outside the Natural History Museum


Folded Gneiss

Escalator to the centre of the molten planet

Short nosed echidna (extinct)

Huge Marble Bowl

Complex Marble Jug

Preserved Woolly Rhino, but has lost its wool! (extinct)

Great Bustard centre

A Dodo (extinct)

A huge Giant Ground Sloth

A North American Mastodon

A Blue Whale skeleton

Animated small T Rex in the cafe. We had limited time so I just looked at the Dinosaurs

A Japanese tourist

Darwin presides

"Ancient Relative" (not mine)

Moon World

It's hard to show the enormous size of the Blue Whale model

Dinosaurs hatching

Animated feather covered Deinonychus


Animated Tyrannosaurus Rex

Small Parrot Dinosaur, Psittacosaurus

Ice Rink


NB Penguins

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