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A six month unaccompanied posting to British Guyana in 1965. These pictures are scanned from colour slides taken with a Kodak Retinette. Apart from the costal strip there were no roads so travel was by river, light aircraft or Landrover

Georgetown via Brmuda

Bel Air Hotel Bermuda

Disembarking at Bermuda

Atkinson International Airport Georgetown

Garrison HQ

Lighthouse Georgetown

The Catholic Church

Duke Street

Flame in the Forest Tree

Amazonia Lillies

Country Shack, small kids wear no pants

Garrison HQ. NB Bill Bird's cage (not locked)


Garrison Officers Mess

Cutting Sugar Cane before burning was introduced

Fishing off the Mole

Canal Bridge

Showing his catch

Fishing with a throw net

Georgetown Shawbrook Market

Bill Bird, the Garrison symbol and Mascot who was free to wander about

Our house shared by three officers

The school opposite from my bedroom

Bus Station for "Luxury Liners"

Kings Regt Officers Mess

Main Street

Booker Brothers Dept Store they owned plantations, refineries, breweries etc


Main Street

The large wooden cathedral beyond

Shopping Street

An old house, signed "Barrister at Law" and Bike repairs

The Town hall

Donkey Carts in New Starbrook

Orchid on a tree

Drainage canal

Squeezing sugar cane for a cold drink



Jamaican style "Yard" or Lot


Derelict building


Fish for sale

Homeless shacks, people are living here


Market Place

Town hall lit up for the Queen's Visit

"Hand in hand" Insurance Building

Cycle Repair shop

Hands permanently on hips?

Card game in the shade

The Sergeants Mess

Roadside sales

Collared Peccaries in the zoo




The Guyana Defence Force firing Ceremonial guns rehearsing for the Queen's Visit

We were trying to recruit and train a balanced defence force but the South Asians tended to resign

The G.D.F. put down an insurrection, financed by Venezuela, shortly after Independence 

The Disused Railway Station

Part of Shawbrook Market

Police Outriders, we weren't really involved with the visit

The Queen and Prince Phillip

The coastal area

My transport

Disused railway bridge


Sluice gate, built by the Dutch

Bridge over the Canje River

A village

Demerara Ferry

Gold diggings

Bauxite Mines

Georgetown, note Grid format

Timber Boats

GDF Traning Camp at Bartica

A mosque in Georgetown 

Trip on the Demarara River

Street Market

Selling Fruit Parika Jetty

Parika Jetty

A snake in the Loo caused panic so Cpl Reilly caught it and threw it in the river

Ferry Terminal


Loaded up

Watching the stone quarry, one of the very few

Brick Church Bartica

Fort Island

Penal Colony, Sibley Hall

Picking up passengers

Riverside Farm

Sugar Refinery Rose Hall


Sibley Hall

Police Launch

Fighting through the water hyacinths. Carl supervises  

Bill Bird, a Toucan with a taste for beer and a bad temper in the morning

Amerindians sometimes only black and white film was available

Gold Mine Manager

Seventh day Adventists have converted them. Note the flat pan to left front,

Giant Mora Tree

Dug Out

Native Hut

True Caribs

Note the Cassava squeezers

The Christianised Amerindians  wear western clothes

Diamond dredging

Not yet converted!

Mount Roirama at edge of the Escarpment

A Forester

Preparing cassava

Countryside houses

No toddlers wear pants

Rupernuni Trail      

On a two plank bridge

Rest House

Plank bridge

A ford

The trail was frequently blocked by fallen trees but the bridges held up despite being very flimsy. We had limited time and so did not get as far as intended. The animals and natives hear us coming and hid, but at the trading posts they knew who we were and what we were doing, Jungle Drums?

Another ford

A Jungle Track

Playing Tarzan

Note Garrison logo, a white toucan

Jungle Pool

Another Rest House

"Three Friends" Rest house

Slightly better rest house

Montezuma Oropendula nests 

Admiring the nests

Recovery necessary!

Kaitur Falls      

The Airstrip

Kaitur Gorge

Low flow as it is the dry season. A lot of water vaporises as it falls

Illegal diamond dredging

Kaitur Gorge Wall

Manganese mines. There is a village attached. We landed on their road. I was asked to answer the school kids questions!

Gold diggings

After some rain

The airstrip at Kaitur on the escarpment

I was there

Banana Tree, escaped?

A Trading post

Pineapple, escaped?

Smaller falls

Trinidad on my way home

Decorated house

 Trinidad Park


A Cinema

Trinidad Governors House