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Wednesday 7th July 2021, a Gang of Four walk from Green Park to Lancaster Gate through the parks

Our route

Constance Fund Diana Fountain Green Park

Bamboo Elephants

Ibis, Egyptian Goddess of Nature

Mother and Child


An Elephant's Eye

A vast herd, all for sale in aid of the CoExistence campaign


The Broad Walk

A Gas Lamp

Buck House

Great Bustard or Capercailzie?

Mounted Police Asleep?

Royal Horse Artillery, but why drawn swords?

Canadian Memorial. The flowing water does not show

A Maple Leaf is Canada's Symbol

A fresh Leaf

Steve getting a unique angle

Dead Leaf

Constitution Hill

Whose Carriage?

The RAF Memorial

Asian and Caribbean Troops' Memorial

Wellington Arch



The Horse and Groom

Groom Place

Groom Place again

The Belgium Consulate

Belgrave Square


Guarding the Turkish Embassy

Grosvenor Crescent

Mews (Garage) Homes

The Grenadier Pub, Wilton Row


Seaside Beach Huts

A Dog Walker

Very Floral NB Fire Mark

The Nags Head. Kinnerton Street for a sandwich lunch

It could be a museum to the old type of boozer

So much memorabilia!

Michael at lunch in the lower room

Note the till in the centrally placed bar

A weird Clock

More Pub Games etc

Cast iron furniture

Down from the first Floor

The Till

What the Butler Saw

The Range

Front room, the pub spirals up and down

Who is the landlord?

Alley view

Kinnerton Street Belgravia

A Streamline Harley

The Dell

Standing Stone

Serpentine Bar and Kitchen

Duck Island

Pink Footed Goose

Gardeners House

Sackler Gallery

In thought

The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion



Peter Pan

A Fountain

The Italian Garden

Rolls Royce Ice Cream Van

London Home