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Saturday 28th July 2018, an SACC walk lead by Michael along the line of the river Fleet 

Our location log

Bollards at Kings Cross

Henry Moore's Large Spindle Piece outside Kings Cross

Kings Cross "Lighthouse" date  built and purpose unproved.

Code Stone

A Traditional Tailors Window

Kings Cross Baptist Church Vernon Square

Reflections in the Travel Lodge


Traffic Warden Centre

"Cross eyed" may account for two Steves


Where was she going? A Zombie Party?

This plaque removed from the demolished Bagnigge House. The Pinder of Wakefield was a noted local inn.

Focal point an entrance to the  Mount Pleasant Sorting Office

Tobacco? In an unexplained photo display on Mount Pleasant

Steven B The start of Mount Pleasant

Retro Effect

The Apple Tree, Mount Pleasant

City Academy,  Rosebery Ave corner Coldbath Square

Up another level to Rosebery Ave

The Coach, Warner Street

We could hear the River Fleet running below in Warner Street

Bakers Row

Girls and Boys

Peabody Estate, Peartree Court

Must be the Estate Office

Skyline from Farringdon Lane

Anyone looking for a wife?


About Clerkenwell in the window

Clerkenwell took its name from the Clerks' (clergyman) Well in Farringdon Lane. In the Middle Ages Parish Clerks performed annual mystery plays there. Part of the well remains visible, incorporated into a 1980s building called Well Court. It is visible through a window of that building on Farringdon Lane.

Japanese Restaurant Window. Puffer fish skeleton??

The side of the Old Sessions House on Clerkenwell Green

The back door

Gas Light

 The Castle, housed in a Grade II listed building, is steeped in history and holds a pawnbroker's licence that was issued by King George IV; the story goes that the King exchanged his gold pocket watch for money with the Landlord, to fund a flutter on the cockfights hosted by the pub.

The Castle, Pub and Pawn Shop


White Horse Alley

A "Rookery" was a slum in Victorian times. This building is now a boutique hotel

Negroni Bar

Filming later?

Hanky light shades where we stopped for an expensive coffee at Polpo, Cowcross Street

Red Peppers in front of Attillio next door

The Hope Gin Palace. The Anchor indicates sailors welcome

Cowcross Street


Through the plastic flaps at Smithfield Meat Market

Who is Janice?

Barley Mow Passage

The Rising Sun

St Bartholomew the Great Church

Scots Wae Hae

Barbican Estate

Residential Square

 Trunk of a 500 year old Beech Tree

Towards the Barbican Centre

Central Courtyard


Arms of the City


Dig it out

Round Street Lights

Hat and Legs

Hand in hand

 Bus Window

Steve and Changing Coloured Rings

Coloured Rings 2

Museum of London

Redundant Victorian Letterbox in original colours

Map reader

Redundant Police Phone

Lighting up

Wind Chimes?


St Pauls Churchyard

Hen night selfie

Is he aiming at her?

Michael explains Temple Bar

Paternoster Square

Paternoster Square Column, air vent to an access road

Old Fashioned Sweets shop on Ludgate Hill

Paternoster Vents, also known as Angel's Wings, a stainless steel sculpture by Thomas Hetherwick  provides ventilation for an underground electrical substation


Stationers Hall

I live in the green and blue one

The Old Cock, Fleet Street

Helen's Location log

Track of the River

Chancery Lane, the Knights Templar is at middle right

Inside the Knights Templar for supper. I left a lens behind and was chased to Fleet Street by a very gallant waitress

Central Pissoir

Distinctive loo down stairs. We walked on to Blackfriars Station for the train home

London Home