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Wednesday 7th Aug 2019, an Gang of Four walk from Acton Town to Ealing Broadway

Location Log of our walk

Robbers Row, Acton Town

Wheels for Tube Trains go past

Main Gates of Gunnersbury Park

A lonely Alpine Flower

The Drive

Guard dog

The Dog Area at the Cafe where we stopped for coffee

A snack

A Stage Coach

Gunnersbury Park Museum which was a Rothschild Mansion

Para Olympics Fencer


Art in the Foyer

An Alcove

Martin Brothers Grotesque Bird

A Fireplace

Local Industry celebrated

Nathan Lionel de Rothschild was a Pioneer in Autochrome Photography, this photo in the grounds in 1908

A Religious Symbol

A Hindu Deity

A Film Mask

A Film Crown

Ealing Studios Dressing Table

The Rothschild's Victorian  Kitchen

Patent Marmalade Cutter

The Bread Oven

The Main Cooking Range

The Second Kitchen

Lobster in an Orthodox Jewish Household?

Carbolic Soap

The Chef's Office


His Various Hats

Our Guide explains the Ice Cupboard to Michael

The Dining Room

A Chandelier

The Long Gallery

Another Fireplace

The Ceiling Painting

A view of the grounds

An Ornate surround

The Stables

The Horseshoe Pond

The Orangery (pineapples too)

Practising for "Strictly"?

Round Pond and Temple

West London Islamic Centre

A ghost

The back of the big house


The terrace

The Rose & Crown for lunch. A Fullers Pub


It rained shortly after we arrived, lucky!

Penny Black wall paper

Deciding on Food

A satisfactory end

South Ealing Road


St Mary's Square

St Mary's C of E Church

The Font

The Victorians loved cast iron, but coloured stripes??

Along South Ealing Road

St Mary's Place

Dog Friendly

The New Inn

Dog water bowl?

Walpole Park

A Small Bridge

An Overlooker

The walled garden

A odd magnet (Art) to collect coins for charity but they are no longer magnetic!


Sir John Soane's House, Pitzhanger Manor. They had an Anish Kapoor exhibition but no Martin Bros Birds so we did not go in

The front, not the entrance

Ealing Studios has been redeveloped in to flats

Acid yellow

Ex Department Store, Ealing Broadway

Side Gate Pitzhanger Manor

Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery across Ealing Green

Michael wanted a picture of this corridor at Kings Cross and I couldn't resist!

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