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A Probus visit to DP World 15th Nov 2019.  A grey, cold and showery day. Photographed through the wet, black tinted coach windows!

Map of our Journey to DP World London Gateway

Dubai Ports World local Admin Centre for coffee and briefing before the tour

The Foyer plus sails

Our Northern Irish guide briefed us fully

and her spectacular boots

On our coach tour, Inspection bays

An unloading hanger

Towards the Rail Depot

Loading a train

Waiting Area for the train

Lifting a container

A "Freightliner" Locomotive

The remains of Shell Haven

Reversing into a pick up bay

Placing a container before locking down and retiring to a safe position

Returning empty containers, remember to unlock! We export very little

The Quayside

The dockside cranes

A lift to the crane operating cabin

Moving containers about

Dredging the river to maintain the channel depth

A container ship to the left

The ship again

Crane drive wheels

The Control and Planning centre full of computers to control the semi automatic process, including booking by mobile phone

Empty containers are stacked

White containers are refrigerated and signal any temperature rise

A model of a crane from back at the Admin Centre for a sandwich lunch

Some confiscated illegal cargo items

It contains sea horses

The Quay at night

A commercial Photo