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Thursday 28th October 2021 a Gang of Four walk around Brixton then to Clapham Common tube.

Map of  Brixton

Brixton Road

Are the "Taggers" jealous?

Red Bike

San Marino

Singhalese or Ethiopian lunch?

Costermonger's barrow


Bottle Tops?

Sugar Cane for crushing for drinks

Station propaganda

Pop Brixton

Black Power lives

Overhead Rail Station

Exotic Veg

Strange Fish

More Veg

Hair is Important

Fox and Cherries, Electric Avenue the first Street lit by Electricity

Video Camera

Lambeth Town Hall

Ritzy Cinema

Brixton Market





We had Coffee in this French North African Cafe


African Queen

Station Steps

Under the Station


Station Hotel

The Clock

The First Department Store in UK

Coffee Outside?

Bolts have to be exactly right for new street light

Back past the Tube Station


Trinity Arms for lunch

Fellow luncher

Capham for Northern Line home

Map of the day's walk

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