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A Gang of Four walk from Hammersmith to Turnham Green 10th Sept 2019 on a warm and sunny day.

My Location Log of the walk

The Swan on Hammersmith Broadway

Soo tired

The closed Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith Bridge...

...from upstream


The Rutland Arms

Risky Deck Chairs

Lower Mall

Rusty Winch

Grey House


Fisherman on Upper Mall


Brand New house


Dove Alley

The Dove..

...for Coffee

The Gang on the terrace

Lamp and Flowers

Linden House

The Old Ship


The Black Lion

A door knocker

The Emery Walker Museum

A Stuffed Cat

A Tipsy Meerkat

The Artist?

A Death Mask?


Italian Deli

Chiswick Mall

Power walkers

An Ancient Wisteria

A more reasonable size


Fullers Griffin Brewery Office

Our guide who volunteered to take us on a reduced tour for free

Some Pipework

An Old Brewhouse

Used grain silo

Grain Store




Colour coded

We had lunch at the double named pub: Mawson Arms and Fox and Hounds

The waitress did not really explain the two names

A Laughing Lion

A " Couplet" by Charles Hadcock

William Hogarth's Grave

The Lamb Brewery

An interesting reredos

St Nicolas's Church

Door bell

Powell's Walk

Dappled shade in Chiswick House and Gardens

Chiswick House though a fence erected for a function two days earlier

Side view

Clearing up

Classic Bridge


Hogarth's House

An engraving of his

The Hogarth Household

The Dining room

H and pug

H as a painter

Self portrait under the Hogarth Roundabout

A Bike Locker

Antique Shop

Turnham Green shops

Space Warriors

London Buddhist Vihara

The light was very low!

The Shri Lankan Buddhist Centre

The Dove

Ancient Sewing Machine

Artesian Well in Brewery

Brewery Shop

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