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A  family visit to St Albans Cathedral 16th June 2022.  On a very hot day with the Puppets used in the St Albans Pilgrimage on display in the Cathedral

Map of the walk

The Falcons were not on view

A charioteer

The nave

The Font

Part of the Bayeux Tapestry style story of the Cathedral

Rood screen

The Bishops Cope

The Rose Window

A roman soldier and executioner's eyes

St Alban



An unusual take on the Last Supper

"A Last Supper" by Lorna May Wadsworth

Main Altar


The Pulpit

The Bishop's Throne

The Choir

The Magistrate

A poor box


The Priest in the South Transept

A Small private Chapel

The Shrine of St Alban towards the Watching Loft

An ancient Cupboard

Towards Humphrey Duke of Gloucester's Monument

Metal Screen


Lady Chapel

Stairs to the Watching Loft

Shrine to St Amphibalus

The Wallingford Clock


The Nave Altar

The Ramryge Chantry

A modern banner

Wall Painting

Towards Waxhouse Gate