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A gang of four visit to Windsor and Eton on Tuesday 22nd May 2018 after the Royal Wedding on Saturday 19th.

Map of our walk

Long view of the castle from the train from Slough to Windsor

An old GWR steam Locomotive...

called "The Queen" built in Swindon

Royal Arms on "The Queen"

A mosaic of Harry and Meghan and Tourist poses

Setting Forth into Windsor

The Clewer Tower (right)

A small Guardsman pulled past bedding of rough sleeper

Tourists on Thames Street

Castle Walls

11.30 am

Antiques for sale


A Tile Picture of Old Windsor

We took our Coffee Break here, excellent coffee!

Helen and milk jug (ex shot glass)

"Castle Kebabs" on Edward VII Avenue

The "Bel and the Dragon", a book of the Apocrypha now excluded.  The St George story?

The "Christopher Wren" Hotel

Robinia Pseudacacia trees smelling sweetly

Thames Riverside

Swans being fed

Old Town Arms on Windsor Bridge 1822


Through that lens

The George, Eton High Street

The Thames, Windlesora is the Saxon name for Windsor

A glimpse of a Barbers

Gilbeys Bar and Restaurant

Eton High Street again

Narrow Alley

Look only two Million!

Do not go in, Michael!

The "Eton Mess"


Chemist by appointment

Coach Entrance?

Victorian post box, 1854

Eton Town Councill

Mugs with mottos

Silk Flowers

Barclays Bank with a carved Logo

Eton School Uniform

Eton College Chapel

Durnford House doorway

Romanesque Bas Relief just off the High Street

The Farrer Theatre

School Gate. There seems to be no agreement Eton "College" or "School"


Eton School from 1440

Eton College Museum?

The "Upper Club", Eton First XI ground

The river from our lunch spot, a bench for four

On Eton Upper Club

Eton Wall game location

Eton School Chapel again


Waiting for a lecture?

Eton War Memorial Garden

School Staff Member

"Barnes Pool" Bridge

One for the Portfolio

Cars see who is coming

Cote Brasserie beside the Thames

Riverside Tables

Safety Boat

Sculling practice

Bridge approach

Tours by Duck or bus

Free Fudge

Clewer Tower which contains St Georges Chapel bells and has an escape tunnel under Thames Street

Castle Hill

Twenty to three on the Pavement clock

Queen Victoria's statue

Dancers? on Peascod Street

Steve snaps "French Connection " Goswell Hill

One notice to the Royal Wedding got left behind

"Sebastian's Italian" Goswell Hill

Marks and Spencer Ltd

Peascod Street

High Street

Windsor Guild Hall

Castle Hotel

The Crooked House besides Queen Charlotte Street, the shortest street in Britain

The renamed "King Harry"

Prince George, consort to Queen Anne

"The Last Supper" in the Church of St John the Baptist

Whose Arms?

Irish Guards Memorial

On St Albans Street

A long way to go to St Albans!

The "Two Brewers" on Park Street

Wedding decoration

Peeping Out

The "Long Walk" 2.5miles

Collecting the crowd barriers

From the Long Walk, still some crowd barriers left

Private Entrance

The statue of Windsor Greys, "Daniel and Storm"

We stopped at The "Windsor Castle" to quench our thirst. This is where the Long Walk police went to pee last Saturday

Taken through the pub window

Tropical Windsor

The "Royal Adelaide" hotel

HM plus Corgis

Dodging through the fountains in "Bachelors Acre" park



Queen Anne on the Guildhall

Decorative Crown

Hamptons, Church Lane

Museum Arcade

The "Carpenters Arms", Market Street (ex Butchers Row)

Outside the "Horse and Groom"Castle Hill

Visitors Entrance to Windsor Castle


Cheerful Armed police on VIP Gate

Waiting for custom

Another photo op

Smart Salutes

The Old Booking Office bar

A cyclist relaxed

The "Duchess of Cambridge "Thames Street

The "King and Castle" for our supper (Wetherspoons)

Steps beside the pub

The back of the King and Castle

To Windsor Royal Station and home a bit earlier than planned