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St Peters Street and our snowy garden, Christmas in St Albans 2022 St Albans St Albans Mummers

St  Albans Mummers line up

The Giant

St George

The Dragon

St George is killed

The Turk and Beelzebub

Queen of Egypt


Truce between the Turk and St George

The Doctor at (work for a price)

St George resurrected fights the Dragon

and kills it

On Guard


Xmas finery

A hot air balloon

Will it fly?

Christmas Ball

A Market Trader



Charity Shop

On Guard

Santa? Burgers


Little Santa on board

The Waffle House in crochet on a letter box


Cat foot prints

Cotoneaster Berries

Pear tree

Bird bath

Old Crow

Pointy hat

All pull together

Three Kings



2B Battlefield Road

Farmers Market


London Home