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A Gang of Four, less Michael, walk from Googe Street to St Johns Wood on 25th October 2022. A warm day.

Map of first half of the walk, the second half dotted red. About 4 miles in total

A weather Vane

No longer a Zebra Crossing a Yinka Ilori design on Tottenham Court Road

 The Eisenhower Centre on Chenies Street, a wartime bunker using the abandoned deep Tube Line below the Northern Line. Now a storage firm.

Reflecting the Eisenhower Centre

Roof Decor, Minerva

A Dragon? Above North Crescent

A RADA Studio

A detail by RADA studio door

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art Gower Street. They are holding Greek masks

Waterstone's Book Shop

A Gargoyle/Dragon

Dillon's Coffee Shop (Waterstone's bought Dillon's) on Tottenham Court Road

A decorated bow window

Dillon's for our Coffee

The UCL Catholic Centre...

...Newman House, the Pope lurking

University College Hospital

The Grant Museum of Zoology 

"Welcome" to University College London

UCL, Steve's Alma Mater, the Art Museum behind.

Light Well

Bleached Skeletons art

"Marmor Homericum " in marble intarsia

No translation available!

In UCL Art Museum

"Fragments of Memory" The fracture is the map of Japan.

A Freshers' Tour views Jeremy Bentham

The first working locomotive's inventor 

Reflection by Warren Street

Bicycle Trishaw

Polished Stone by the University College Hospital entrance on Euston Road

University College Hospital New Building main entrance

Mushroom Art at PrÍt a Manger

Spanish admiral, Don Francisco Xavier Winthuysen, surrenders, handing his sword to Nelson. Battle of St Vincent

Dr Hokes

The Post Office Tower glimpsed


The Diorama Theatre

Bamboo Wigwam, Triton Place


Flower Arch

Euston Road

Street Light

The Broad Walk, Regents Park

Part of the Frieze Exhibition. The main part was being dismantled

Where Rodin's the "Thinker" sat!

Love, Back to Back

"Yellow blue monk"

"Hercules meets.....


A Dead Bench


"Sim and the Glass Birds" 

"Red Stack"

"Curvae in Curvae"

"Book of Boredom"

Regents Park Gates

The Band Stand

Clarence Bridge

Plant Pot

A Young Photographer

To "The Volunteer" for a good lunch

To the Gents >

Pubs were often used as recruiting offices. You could spend the shilling straight away, hence Volunteer

Marylebone Theatre, Park Road, part of.....

..Rudolf Steiner House designed by the architect Montague Wheeler. Home of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain

"Tine Wa Zeytoon"  means "by the fig and the olive" maybe it's from the Quran?

Flower Shop

Windsor Castle Pub, Park Road


 London Central Mosque, Regents Park. Possibly not one of the wealthier Mosques?

A Mosaic.

The Main Courtyard

The Entrance and Exit

The Main Prayer Hall

An outhouse

An Imam?

A side room for the Ladies

Steve's Photo of the Prayer Hall

Correctly Dressed

Arriving by boat?

Glass Canyon

St Johns Wood Church


St George

Lords Cricket Ground


Not Dolphin Court!

We left for home from St Johns Wood Tube

Helen's Tracker map

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