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A Greentours botanical holiday in Gotland 3rd to 10th June 2023 led by Ian Bennallick. Hopefully my pictures give an flavour of the country

3rd June: London HR to Gotland Visby and settle in

Visby Airport to Suderbys 11miles

Prêt a Manger in Terminal 2 at Heathrow for breakfast before take off at 06:40.

We were up at 03:00

13:00 flight from Arlanda, Stockholm in an ATR 72-600. It leaves from Terminal 5 but we took a long walk to T4 and back going through security again!

Arlanda, Stockholm, a terminal being rebuilt and expanded with a lot of wood involved

The small automated Visby Airport

Suderbys Herrgard, our Hotel complex shortly to be taken over by the Swedish army

Entrance drive

Reception area

The Dining Room where we had breakfast only.

Visby, East Gate, on our way to dinner

Visby Hof for our first dinner, excellent fine dining

Visby Harbour

The hotel's original "manor house"

More rooms

Our tiny room

4th June: Liste Meadows and Viking era Stone boat

Round trip 95miles


Viking era stone boat used for burials at Gannarve

Gael and Graeme checking the flora list. We were four plus Ian


Tragopogon pratense - Salsify

Wild Strawberry

Crested Cow Wheat

A Rustic Gate

Aquilegia vulgaris

Birds foot trefoil

Pulsatilla pratensis



Some arable fields

Cynoglossum officinale

Mainly Limestone Plateau


Lousewort (Pedicularis)

Geranium sanguineum

Germander Speedwell, Veronica chamaedrys

The climate on Gotland is much the same as UK but not so much weed killer has been used so there are more wild flowers. Summer days are longer.

There had been no rain for the previous month and many expected flowers could not be found

We saw very few insects and I failed to photograph many of the birds we did see.

My subtitles are open to revision! I should have kept notes.

Early purple orchid


Neottia ovata. Common Twayblade.

Early purple orchid

Potentilla anserina

Pine tree flowers that caked our boots with pollen

Early purple orchid

Frog Orchid

Marsh Orchids

Water avens


Burnt tip orchids

Saxifraga granulata


Ladies mantle

Echium vulgare

Lighthouse at Narsholmen near Nars

Wild Thyme

Common Blue Butterfly

Orchis militaris - Military orchid

Yellow rattle

Green Winged Orchid

Green Winged Orchid, Pale form

Military Orchid (Orchis militaris)

Dactylorhiza sambucina - Elder-flowered orchid

Country House

Early purple Orchid

Fragrant orchid

A Summer Home

White Lilac was everywhere

Hardy Geranium

Burnt tip Orchid

Buttercup and pollen eaters

Entrance to a preserved meadow. The local people care

Greater Spotted Woodpecker watched us

Fragrant orchid

Cowslip, most were over

Orchis militaris

Common spotted orchid


Hieracium umbellatum Tall Hawkweed

Early purple with a white form


Oriental Poppy (escapee)

Potentilla aurea

Wood anemone

Lily of the valley

Repro Picture stone

Ardre village Church. See narrative on the right which enlarges

Dinner in a cafe by Visby harbour

5th June:  Faro Island

128 miles

Faro channel lime kiln on our way to Faro (farosunds-kalkugn)

The free ferry "ships bridge"

The ferry going the other way


A Chive close up

Rose Chafer on White Helleborine

Marsh Orchid

Oxeye daisy

Cephalanthera longifolia, Long-leaved Cephalanthere, White Helleborine

A Farm House


Common Vincetoxicum


Sea Stacks near Lauters

Sedum caespitosum

At Helgumannars

Hieracium murorum, Wall Hawkweed

Sea shore

Rock Samphire, Crithmum maritimum

Helgumannars fishing village. Summer use only

Rock thyme (Acinos alpinus)

Herb Robert

Famous Fishermans Huts

Silene uniflora Bladder Campion 

Seastacks at Langhammars

Queen Victoria?

Farm house

Donkey driven Mill


Terns nesting

Arctic tern?

What motorists should do on the ferry

Typical mixed woodland


Lysimachia europaea

Green Hairstreak

Old style Barn

Frog Orchid

Bird's-nest orchid

The pond at Norrsund

Viola riviniana, Violet

Dame's Rocket

Anemone nemorosa


Wild Strawberry

Ice cream stop on our way back to Suderbys

Green hairstreak

Cultivated fields

Built 1887

Our dinner restaurant in Visby main square

Photos by Ian.

 Waiting for return ferry from Stora Karlso

Military Orchid

Ladies Slipper  Orchid


6th June: Western Woodlands

97 miles

Poppies edge the Road



Reseda lutea, dyers weed

Small Blue

Field Cricket

Blackthorn leaves, Flax flower?

 Common Cotoneaster

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus?? or a Globularia


Tingstäde Church

Locally made latch

Column decoration


Church Garden Entrance

Blue and White Lilac


Forest Track

Traditional fencing, not driven in to the solid ground

Ramsons, Wild garlic

Viscaria vulgaris, Sticky Catchfly

Pearl Beaded Fritillary

The only stream we saw, feeding the mire

Carex lepidocarpa, Long-stalked Yellow Sedge

Tetragonolobus Maritimus

Yellow vetch

Pinguicular grandiflora

Man Orchid

Lesser Butterfly Orchid

Bloody Cranes Bill

Ladies Slipper Orchid


Wood Brown

Lotus maritimus

Reindeer lichen 

Marsh Orchid

Walking out of the wood. We walked 7 kilometres that day.

Helianthemum nummularium

Anemone alpina

Alpine Aspodel

Pyramid Orchid?


7th June:  Stora Karlso Island

44 miles

Klintehamn Dock

Our boat to the Island

Common columbine

Cafe etc on Stora Karlso


Memorial Plaque on the route up to the plateau


Eider Ducks and babies

Tradition House now loos

The grand Lighthouse


Pulmonaria angustifolia, Blue Cowslip

Sedum Alpestris

Crowded Rocks

Guillemots see off a Razor bill

A Razor bill

Nesting on the cliffs



Red Kidney Vetch.  Anthyllis vulneraria var. coccinea

The Archway


Norderhamm (North Harbour) with children bathing

A bothie

Micro Moth

A tern dive bombing

Loading sawdust at KlinteHamn

Dune Grasses

The Dock at Grisvard

Oyster Catcher

Fisherman's Huts Grisvard

Sanddunes Tofta Strand


Marsh and Common Spotted Orchid

Marsh Orchid

Alkanet or Common Bugloss

Common Spotted Orchid

Military Orchid


Pedicularis oederi

Visby harbour in the evening

8th June:  Southern Headlands


Öja Church

Picture Stones


The Devil?

St George etc

"Men and Milk Witches"

Further research needed!

A bather and his dog

Pepper-saxifrage - Silaum silaus

Oxeye Daisies


Hybrid Avens (hence yellow)

Field penny-cress

A hand rotated Windmill

Bullocks approaching

Butterfly Orchid

Fly Orchid

Vamlingbo Church for picnic lunch under the trees

Temporary roof on the gate

Main door

Mediaeval painting

Lars Jonnson's house - the bird painter

It seems like an art gallery with coffee and cake

Solomon's seal

A Gotland Sheep

An old barn restored

The Shop

Note the roof slabs not flammable?

A Forge

Windmill, top rotates

Small Barn

Maianthemum bifolium, False Lily of the valley

Pinguicular Grandiflora

Yellow Scabius

Dried up mire


Feral Gotland Russ Horses

A foal

Keeping an eye on Russia

9th June:::  Dunes  Norder Strand

51 miles

Sand Dunes

Eggleaf twayblade

Hooded Crow

Sea Sandwort



Our daily stop for picnic food

Mobile Champagne bar, not used by us

Not a railway station

Gods Terminal (or Goods Depot)

Around the town


A tourist map of Visby an unspoiled Hanseatic City. A red dotted line follows our walk


The North Gate

Small houses

Hot tar painted walls

Over the City roofs

Not much traffic

Over Visby

Tar painted wall

St Mary's Cathedral

City Wall

Tar painted walls

By St Nicholas Church destoyed by the Luebeckers

Into the Botanic Gardens

Beekeeper in the Botanic Gardens

Horned Poppy

The Herb Garden with Gazebo to the left

Umbilicus oppositifolius, Lambs tails


The Oval


Art? Bee Smoker?

The ruin of St Olav's by the the way out

The Apothecary

An old door

 A bar

A Pub

Into the Visby Museum

We had coffee in the Museum

She had really long legs

Graeme was off hunting a cable for his phone. The museum assistants told us where to go should he fail to find one.

A light show

A Norse Legend

An old Fisherman from Olja by William Blair Bruce

A Student

How the Church would have been painted

Art Display

Helen on a Gotland Ram

We did not watch the student parade that closed many roads

A Student from the End of School Celebration parade

Many different Ice Creams were available

We sampled a few

"Stora torget", the Main Square

The ruin of St Catherine's

10th June Last Day:  Beach and then Airport

Beach and airport

Another stone boat



The coast with Merganser etc in the sea

Corn flower in the field

An unspoiled field border

A different poppy

A flight to Arlanda having checked in at Visby and "baggage dropped" entirely automatically

Airbus 320 for home via Heathrow and the stress of trying to contact our taxi