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A U3A trip to Arundel Castle and Town on 1st Sept  2022. A hot humid day

 Main Gate to the Castle Grounds owned by the Duke of Norfolk

Lunch under the Indian Bean Tree

A Redoubt?

Closed Castle Gate

The Keep


Fitzalan  Chapel mortal remains portrayed below

The Altar

Under a choir seat

Box Lid

A gate to the Private Area

The Gardens Gate

Way out of the Gardens

Plenty of water pressure, everything was carved from oak

Fruiting Date Palm

The Catholic Cathedral beyond the castle wall

More Oak


A Grotto (oak)

Rotating Crown

Oaken Arch

The head gardener explains that Echium is Monocarpic which Helen knew

A Fountain

The Wild flower Meadow

An old gate in the wall, note the flint construction

Gate to the Keep etc includes a Bridge over the dry moat and the Portcullis

Built from sandstone and flints

The main visitor entrance. They didn't tear your ticket, they just  unexpectedly popped out later to check.

Duke of Norfolk coachman's uniform

"No, they were farm animals!"

Up to the Keep

Just below the top, covered steps down to the dungeon.

The way down from the battlements

Looking back from the Keep

The newer wing

This enlarges

Two small cavaliers


An old bed

Walter Tyrrel/William Rufus story tapestry and a

 diorama of the siege

The Portcullis winch

Narrow passage

The heredity Earl Marshal's Uniform

A cast iron chest

The Castle Chapel

The Grand hall

Squashed Lion

Victorian Cradle

Ivory Bishop's Crook

A decorated Sledge

A long gallery

The Dining Room

The "Canaletto Room"

The Lounge

The "Victoria Bedroom"

We met him when he commanded a Brigade in BAOR

The Young Pretender?

The Library, said to contain a Shakespearean first folio

Library snug

The Castle Restaurant sold good food

In the Castle Shop

Ruins of the Dominican Friary outside the castle wall

Bridge over the River Arun

Pseudo Tudor

The High Street

Some Tudor brickwork

Maltravers Street

Tarrant Street

Tattoo parlour

Fanny Adams'

Parsons Hill

St Wilfred's Priory

The Swan

St Philips Catholic Cathedral

First named after St Philip Neri it was changed to St Philip Howard

St Philip Howard an English Catholic Martyr

The Cathedral's West Door

Thin cast iron bollards marked "Arundel Corporation" on Brewery Hill

King Street

A tea room for Tea and Cake

The cake was very sweet!

...and so to the coach for a 3 hour journey home

Arundel street plan

Our walk tracked